How Far Ahead Of Serving Time Can I Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries? Can I Keep Them In The Fridge Overnight?


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You could keep the freezer overnight and get them out 1 hour before serving them it will keep them fresh
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Keep them in the fridge overnight and they will taste great the next day. Maybe better than freshly covered.
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They would be fine if you made them the night before. Actually it would give the chocolate time to set and harden sufficiently
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For chocolate covered strawberries you need

6 oz. Chocolate pieces
2 table spoon butter
1 pt. Fresh strawberries

For method please click here

It is better to make fresh chocolate covered strawberries because melted and dripping chocolate has its own taste and this dish wont take much of your time. If you put them in fridge then the chocolate will become hard.

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