Which Desserts Can Be Made Using Marie Biscuits And Condensed Milk?


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Chocolate Biscuit Pudding is an easy and delicious recipe that can be prepared by using Marie biscuits, condensed milk and a few additional ingredients.


I/2 cup butter
1 cup condensed milk
2 eggs separated
150 gm chocolate
1 packet Marie biscuits
350 ml cream
2 table spoon cocoa
1 cup cashews


Melt half the cream and the chocolate. Do not allow it to boil. Leave aside to cool.
Whisk the egg whites till they are stiff.
Cream the butter till light and fold in the egg yolk.
Stir in first the cocoa and then the cream.
Now add the melted chocolate mixture and the milk
Fold in the egg whites
Add ¾ cup of the cashew nuts.
Dip the biscuits in some milk to make them soft. Line the dish with a layer of biscuits.
Cover this with a layer of mixture.
In this way alternately put the biscuits and mixture till both finish.
Garnish with remaining cashew nuts.
Chill for 2-3 hours before serving.
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Well desserts made from Marie biscuits are not only very very tasty but nutritious for health as well. It is mostly recommended that instead of using butter cookie in recipes use Marie biscuits as they have a low fat content.
Below I have given is a list of desserts which can be made using Marie biscuits and condensed milk. It's basically in one of those layered desserts; Marie biscuits are mainly used.
The name of the desserts along with the website where the recipe is found is given. These where a few dessert recipes, I came across when I was searching for desserts made using Marie biscuits.

Lemon slice (www.chowhound.com
Lemon meringue pie (linguistlist.org
Kek Batik (skinny-epicurean.blogspot.com
Rum balls (theclothedcook.blogspot.com These are really yummy food for both kids and adults
Blueberry cheesecake- (cckchef.tripod.com although the recipe given on the website uses crushed Graham Crackers but it can be substituted with plain cookies such as Marie biscuits
Chocolate fudge (forumhub.com
Biscuit Mock Sausage (pavan.org.in
Jelly Slice (www.pokiemagic.com
Quick cheese lemon pie (www.bawarchi.com
Custard Tower (www.daawat.com
Strawberry Layer Cream:
Fool-proof cheesecake: (www.food24.com

Hope this answers your question to some extent. Have fun trying out these recipes, all of them are delicious.
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I don't know what Marie Biscuits are. Sorry. But a great trick for easy desserts with condensed milk is...get a couple cans of condensed milk without the easy open tops. Remove outside rappers. Place them in a LARGE pot of water-10 qt- boil for 1.5-2 hours. Allow to cool in the water, so you don't burn yourself. When you open them, you have a wonderful, thick caramel. It is very sweet, so I like to layer with tart fruit (apples). Also maybe Marie Biscuits?
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1 pak marie biscuits
1 can condensed milk
1 cup of coconut (+ about a cup for rolling)
2 tablespoons of cocoa powder.

Crush biscuits add all ingredients mix well.
Wet hands just a little so it doesnt stick, roll into small balls,
roll in extra coconut,
store in fridge.
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You can use condensed milk in making brownies and, in fudge and, whole made chewy candy bars

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