Is Caster Sugar And Granulated Sugar The Same Thing?


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Caster sugar is the name of a very fine type of sugar commonly used in baking. It is named caster sugar because the grains are so fine, they will fit through a 'caster' or through a sprinkler. Caster sugar is sometimes called 'superfine' sugar in the United States. Caster sugar is so useful in making cakes, meringues or cold liquids because it dissolves so quickly due to the fineness of each granule. Each grain of caster sugar is about 0.35mm.
Granulated sugar is much coarser and each grain is about 0.5mm. Granulated sugar is often thought of as 'everyday' sugar is it is often used on the table and put in teas and coffees.
Coarse-grained sugars are a different type of sugar again and due to their coarse consistency, they are often used for decoration on cakes and other baked goods. They can have a sparkly effect so are attractive when sprinkled on top of cookies, biscuits, cakes, sweets and desserts.
Sugar is also sold in sugar cubes which can often be convenient when being placed into tea or coffee and they are also considered to be more esthetically pleasing. Sugar cubes are formed when sugar crystals are mixed with sugar syrup.
White sugar is the more common type of sugar but brown sugar can be used to a similar effect and is often preferable in coffee. Brown sugar is developed during the last stages of sugar refinement. Towards the end of refinement, sugar forms crystals with a high molasses content or cane molasses syrup may be added and the higher the molasses content, the stronger the color and taste.
Sugar is first thought to have been crystallized around 350 AD but prior to this people would chew on raw sugar cane which is tasty due to the sweetness.
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Sugar is an informal term for a class of edible crystalline substances, mainly sucrose, lactose, and fructose characterized by a sweet flavor. In food, sugar almost exclusively refers to sucrose, which primarily comes from sugar cane and sugar beet.
Other sugars are used in industrial food preparation, but are usually known by more specific names—glucose, fructose or fruit sugar, high fructose corn syrup, etc.
Excessive consumption of sucrose has been associated with increased incidences of type 2 diabetes, obesity and tooth decay.
Sugar consumption varies from country to country; Brazil has the highest per capita production and India has the highest per-country consumption.

Castor or caster sugar is the name of a very fine sugar in Britain, so named because the grains are small enough to fit though a sugar "caster" or sprinkler. It is sold as "superfine" sugar in the United States.

Because of its fineness, it dissolves more quickly than regular white sugar, and so is especially useful in meringues and cold liquids. It is not as fine as confectioner’s sugar, which has been crushed mechanically (and generally mixed with a little starch to keep it from clumping).

If you don’t have any castor sugar on hand, you can make your own by grinding granulated sugar for a couple of minutes in a food processor (this also produces sugar dust, so let it settle for a few moments before opening the food processor). .
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At the time of Alexander the Great's first time in the history sugar was made from sugar cane in India.Both of these are form of a sugar, one is less crushed and the other is more.
The Caster sugar is a type of sugar, that is so much crushed in machines and it is in the form of a powder. This is a very finely ground sugar. It is mostly used for making sweet dishes or for other cooking purposes and also for the garnishing of sweet Donald's, or other btype of sweet stuffs.

It is used frequently because it is very light weighted and easy to swallow, don't need to crush under teeth. It is also use for the gourmet recipes.
The other type of sugar is granulated sugar, it is less crushed, and it is in the form of granules. It is not in the powder form, it is also used for the home general use. But mostly not used for the sweet recipes, for that caster sugar is used. Its grains are like small particles of grains or like a seed.
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Granulated sugar has bigger grains than caster sugar
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Caster sugar is not the same as icing sugar.
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Caster sugar is a finer grain than granulated sugar. Caster sugar is usually used in cooking and granulated sugar is generally the sugar used in tea / coffee and our cereal. Hope this helps.
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Regular sugar comes from sugar cane and is in granulated form.
Caster sugar is ground a lot finer. It is also called superfine.
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Use Caster sugar for cakes and deserts, and use Granulated for tea, and everyday use.

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