What's The Difference Between Sugar And Carbohydrates?


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As we scour through nutritional information, this is a question that can be asked quite regularly. Interestingly, ‘sugars and ‘carbohydrates’ are listed separately because of how sugars are simple carbohydrates which are metabolised in the human body after food is consumed. The standard carbohydrates figure you see represents the proportion that can be found in the food when it has been metabolised.

Another great way to see it is this: Even though all of the sugars we consume are carbohydrate compounds, not all carbohydrates can be regarded as sugars. This is where other structures such as starch come into play, which is commonly seen when you eat certain foods such as brown rice.

If you’re looking to become a nutritionist, want to be more sensible about what you eat, or if you’re just interested in how your body processes food, there are plenty of books that will widen your knowledge on this topic. This brief book shows you how carbohydrates are found in a rich tapestry of the foods we eat every day:

This is a small book which is particularly useful for diabetics, or those who are trying to restrict the amount of calories that they eat every day. Whenever you’re in a restaurant and you wish to predict the sugars which will be in the carbohydrates you’re about to consume, literature like this will also be helpful in guaranteeing that you make the right eating choices. In this media age, it’s really easy to make informed decisions at mealtimes!

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