What Types Of Desserts Are There?


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Types of desserts could be categorised based on many criterias. But mainly it should be divided accordingly the ingredients used or the cuisines. The numerous dessert recipes about which I got to know is from Living Foodz. You can also google it and get to know about various types and food recipes.

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There are different types of desserts, such as cakes,
custards and puddings. You can find more information on the following link:
I really like frozen desserts, especially Nutella ice cream. However, during the winter, I prefer eating
Chocolate Mousse. By the way, has anyone had Green Tea flavoured ice cream?

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cheese cake.

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In what categories my friend?

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There are several types of desserts. It could be classified by the ingredient used (chocolate desserts, fruit pies, savory desserts) or perhaps where it originated (greek desserts, french desserts, all american desserts). You can also classify them according to the kind.. Pies, cakes, cookies, pastry, puddings.

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