Can You Show Some Examples Of Junk Food?


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Junk food is generally regarded to be food that is not good for the human body. It is generally high in sugar, fat and salt and can lead to obesity and heart conditions as well as many other health problems if too much is eaten. Junk food also contains additives which is why people prefer junk food over other healthier options. The high sugar and salt content also makes junk food more appealing than vegetables.

  • Examples.
There are lots of different types of junk food but here are some examples: Pizza, chocolate, sweets, crisps, ice cream, soft drinks, donuts, biscuits etc.

If they are eaten in moderation and balanced with healthier options, then it is ok to enjoy unhealthy junk food every once in a while. The problems starts when people can't stop eating junk food and completely rely on it every day for every meal. Below are some tips on how to reduce the amount of junk food that you eat.

  • Swap.
Clear out all your kitchen cupboards of junk food to eliminate any kind of temptation. Replace these with ingredients for healthy and nutritious meals, snacks and even healthy desserts. If your eat healthily at home then the effect will start to rub off on you when you are out and about.

  • Realistic goals.
If you try to quit eating junk food completely straight away, then you will notice how your body craves it more and this will probably relapse. Set realistic goals for yourself and begin cutting back slowly on the junk food and sweets. Before you know it, you'll have gone days without chocolate and won't even have realized it.

Make sure that you focus entirely on eating healthy foods. If you do have any snacks that are a bit unhealthy, then keep them out of sight and put them out of your mind. Put a fruit bowl on your table to remind you to pick up an apple every now and then. Keep the fridge and cupboards well stocked with nutritious foods.
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Junk food includes all types of fast foods. It is all about snacks and quick service food. If you have a chips packet then you may call it junk food. It you have a biscuits packet then you may call it junk food. If you are going to a restaurant and ordering them a burger or pizza then you may call it junk food. Junk means easy to dispose off. It is disposable stuff. Its concept was there in the ancient times too but it had got an impetus by western countries.

You may observe that Pakistanis are not that interested in making new varieties of junk food. They prefer to copy other country's junk foods. They are fast to cook and good to eat. Another example is that of noodles. You must know that how simple is to cook them. They are very easy to cook. You always prefer cold drinks or juices with junk food. It is their speciality to eat them with sold stuff or hot drinks. Hope it must be clear to you!
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