Why Is Junk Food Called Junk?


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Because you don't know what else is put in food now day, it could be anything like cow lips, or chicken feet ect..
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Junk foods are called junks because it does not contains any products that can help our body and soul to be alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic.
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Because it doesn't have many nutrients in it.
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Junk food lead to a stage called cancer
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The popularity of Junk Food has increased by today. The opening of Fast Food Outlets is one main reason for its popularity. There are outlets for fast food at every road corner. This causes an interest in people who want a change of taste. Young people think of fast food as cool. They spend their pocket at burgers, fries and drinks. This attitude is common in the new wannabe generation.

Now, the reason for fast food to be called Junk Food; There have been several researches at different Universities in different countries about Junk Food. It has been observed that kids who took packed lunch to school did better at sports and answered more attentively than students who preferred to get some stuff from the school canteen. There is alack of energy level in students who prefer Junk Food, they find it hard to concentrate at lectures in class.

Even if we ignore all this, the biggest problem poised by Junk Food is Obesity. It is a leading problem in America and Europe, where Junk Food is more popular than other parts of the world. Young students and children gradually start gaining weight and become obese, as Junk Food contains a high concentration of fats.
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Junk food is called junk food because is bad for your body it doesnt have any nutrients like for example vitamins or minerals.
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Less junk food when you are young, less problems when you are adult.

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This is an ancient question. Beware go treading round the ancient and sacred ruins of old blurtit. Come, let me guide you back to blurtit in the present.
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Because it comes from fast food does not make it junk food what makes junk food is eating like cake ice cream cookies and candy and not anything that is nutritious.

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