What do we lose by eating a candy per day and why is candy called a junk food?


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Candies, toffees and such sweets are full of sugar and such gummy sticky materials which cause tooth decay and are not good for health, therefore most of the elders do not like children to eat them too much .

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You don't get a really good health eating candy everyday which is why you should limit yourself when eating candy. I don't eat candy that much, for example I was eating a Milky Way a few days ago and there was a huge chunk of Caramel and instead of eating it I threw it away. It's called junk food cause it's unhealthy and can cause cavities and things like that. I hope this answer helped
Noor-ul-Elmah Hasan
But you must know that even if traces of these sweets are left long they can cause tooth decay so one must avoid them or at least shouldn't make excessive use of it .

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