Why Junk Food Do More Harm Than Good?


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Because junk food is not natural, they are full of artificial ingredients so it does not go rotten , so people can sell them until sold, and they can sit in storage for a very long time.
There is no nutirent value to junk food
so your body has to work over time to try and process that food, which it can not so it get s store din your own body and turns to fat, stuck in your viens , building up and up until the blood flow is not possible and you get a heart attack, or if it doesnt get that bad it still reduces your blood flow which cause you to get irritated rather quick, shortness of breathe, unhealthy, your body will look unhealthy, your skin will dry up and look older than your age.
Simply do not eat junk food if you want a happy, healthy and young life!

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