Facts About Why Fastfood Dose More Harm Than Good?


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Think if you have a straw ( you know the thing you use to drink with )

pretend that is your vein.
When you run water through it, the water passes through the straw freely and fast.  Right?

Now if you put fat and oil inside this straw, and then pour water through it, notice how the flow will change. ( water is your blood)
the flow of water will run slower and it will not run freely.

When eating unhealthy foods your body can not proccess this out so it is left inside you,
left nside your viens, which causes the blood to slow down and your body to metabolise foods slowly which then it stays inside you longer and turns to fat,( do you want to be fat) which then leaves your heart with less blood so I t has to work faster which will give you high blood pressure which will make you angry all the time, nervous, can not breathe properly. When eating junk foods most of it will be stored in your blood!, the fats will stay in your blood leaving you feeling tired and drained. The only way to get this fat out of your blood is through exercise!.

I could write for days about his topic but I hope you get  the idea now?
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Fastfood is exactly that, fast without much concern about being healthy nor nutritious, but is usually high in fats and calories and other bad things. There are some fastfoods that are actually good for you like salads

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