Does Eating Too Many Banana`s Harm You In Any Way ?


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Yes, potassium over load can be very harmful to you.
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Yes, bananas have vitamin K (potassium). To much of it can be harmful. Also, bananas can cause constipation and can be very painful.
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Potassium and Vit K are not the same thing. Vit K is a vet required for normal clotting. Potassium (KCl) is an electrolyte. If you eat to many bananas, you may get sick but it is unlikely to be because of potassium. It will probably either make you go to the bathroom or not be able to go to the bathroom.
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What about ruhbarb?
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Not really but from what I understand if you eat to many you git leg cramps
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Hi minartos,

I have found that too much potassium is not generally something seen in the world of nutrition; it is, however, usually seen with the prescription drugs and supplements we take.  

Visit these sites for some great info on nutrition and potassium. and

Yes, bananas can be binding – remember the BRAT diet – bananas, rice, applesauce and toast, for when the kids had diarrhea?  If you are having problems going to the bathroom, just back off the bananas and you should be fine.

I hope these web sites are helpful to you.  Have a lovely day, Jo.

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