Does Eating Bananas Make You Fat?


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Well, they do have a large amount of sugar,but its  healthy! Replacing a candy bar,or a greasy food with a banana will make you less likely to gain weight.And as long as you don't eat a lot more than you need,you will be fine!
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Anything can make you fat, as long as you don't eat too much of it, you're fine. Making sure you cut your meals into portions can make you keep a well balanced diet.
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Eating bananas does not make you fat! Unless you're planning to swallow tons of it everyday, which is highly unlikely. Yes bananas do contain high quantities of sugar, so if you are diabetic you should avoid them. I'd rather you eat a banana than eat other sugary desserts. Otherwise one or two bananas a day should do you some good, they contain high amounts of potassium which is good to control high blood pressure! Eat them while they've just turned ripe, not over-ripe(as the sugar content increases as it gets riper.)
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No way, they are full of fiber and potassium, and other vitamins that give you energy and make you fill full.
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Not unless you eat pounds and pounds of them.
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Yes I guess....I am very thin and I always get advice to have bananas at least 3 in a day to gain weight.
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No it won't make you fat. Type in "Top Banana" and it will tell you all about it.
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Eating banana does increase the fat level, but it is also good for health. Eating in proper quantity and with regular exercise will not lead to increase in weight.
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Yes it is a fruit which has more calories, more you eat fat will get accumulated in your body. But banana is very good digestion.

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