Is Mango Good For You?


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The nutritional value of a mango is as follows:
One medium sized mango provides about: 107 Calories, 0.84 g Protein, 28 g Carbohydrate,
0.45 g Total Fat, 3 g Fiber, 6425 IU Vitamin A, 45.7mg Vitamin C, 18 mg Magnesium, 300 mg Potassium, 20 g Calcium, 0 g Cholesterol & Saturated fat
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Mango mania is legit. The recipes of it could easily stamp it as a tasty food. After all, this succulent and ambrosial drupe is India’s National fruit. This tropical fruit is exceptionally high in Vitamin A which keeps your skin clear and glowing, apart from providing a slew of nutrients. Want to more about Mango and its fruit recipes? Click on this link from Living Foodz.

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data has proven that mango is one of the fruits that can protect a
person from having cancer. It also has vitamin A, which is beneficial for the
eyes. You can find more information on the following link: This food is good for the skin as
well, because it clears pores
and removes pimples.

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