Is The Pith Of An Orange Harmful To Eat?


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Roberta answered
No, the pith of an orange is not harmful to eat. It is the foamy looking white part of the peel that surrounds the orange, protecting it from the many bumps it will endure in its "lifetime". Just like we would ship a package with packing "peanuts", God is humorous and packs his oranges with packing "pith".

The orange peel, pith and seeds (pips) also have many nutritional values. The juice of an orange has only 25% of the vitamin C of the whole fruit.

I myself like to eat the pith before I eat the lobes of the orange. I like the texture and the taste even though it is bland with a hint of bitter twanginess.
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The pith is ok to eat, it is like a barrier between the fruit and the peel. The taste is bitter and usually thrown away.

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