How Do You Make An Eggless Cake?


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A simple eggless cake recipe would be where you heat a cup of water along with a cup of sugar and 125 grams of butter together up until you see the butter melt. You would then have to simply let the mixture cool entirely. After that, you can add soda bicarbonate (1 tsp) to this mixture.

Take a bowl and proceed to mix two cups self-rising flour, one cup either grated mixed fruits or (if you prefer) one cup mashed banana along with little lime juice in addition to one fourth cup milk.  Then, mix both the mixtures. After this, add some vanilla essence as per the amount of cake. Take a greased pan so you can pour the resulting batter into it.  Bake the same for a total of one hour at 180degrees C.

Another great link would be The site offers delicious varied eggless cake recipes such as White Vegan Cake, Chocolate Cake, Great Vegan Cake and Applesauce Spice Cake.

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