How Do You Make Homemade Cake Batter?


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40z of butter in bowl with 40z of caster sugar mix well break 2eggs in a cup beat as you are adding this to mixture keep beating best if you have a blender then add 40z of self raison flour then beat well till mixture is smooth and falls of end of spoon slowly if mixture to thick can add a drop of milk if you want to add a flavour you can add 2drops of vanilla/or lemon cake usually bakes in oven on slow for around 20minutes good luck
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Batter is usually a blend of thick or thin liquid. Usually batters are made of flour, water, eggs or milk. Many times a leavening agent is put in the batter to fluff it up. Dosas (South Indian speciality), Idlis (South Indian rice pancakes), Yorkshire pudding, cakes are some examples for batter based eatables. Coating material for vegetables and meat is also a batter based product.

Yorkshire pudding is an English sweet dish. It is quiet similar to the American popover and is made from batter. Yorkshire pudding is usually served with roast beef. This dish originates from Yorkshire but is quiet famous across the country. The batter for the pudding is poured in a greased baking tin and is baked on very temperature until it rises. The Yorskshire pudding is a regular dish on British Sunday dinner.

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