I Have Been Told I Make The Best Homemade Pound Cake! Maybe Someone Has A Few Good Suggestions? I Have Sold Them To People I Work With And Others. Every Time We Have A Dinner At My Job Or Church, Everyone Asks For The Cake!


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Sound businesses that are worth mega amounts have started in this way. Since you already seem to have a market, and a knack, you just have to turn this into a paying venture.
Sit down and work out how much it will cost you to set up your kitchen better, to turn out say 20 a week and then 50 a week. Then cost out how much the ingredients cost for one cake. lets say that is 6 dollars. What you need to do is add a 200 percent profit on to that, to cover the setting up of your business, the labour involved and delivery.
Then get a nice poster drawn up with a picture of the pound cake and your contact details. Write on it that you cater for birthday cakes, weddings,retirements, anniversaries etc.
And can do three sizes.
Then have 50 copies done on a color copier and post them at your church, school, local library. Then go to the local tea shops and ask if they would be interested in stocking your famous homemade pound cake (for a discount for quantity of course) "Nothing ventured nothing gained as they say."
You can set up a thriving little business with your talent, and could branch out into other cakes too.
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Great answer wisequeen. Magielee could also create a website and purchase her own domain name at www.networksolutions.com. Market yourself in the paper, on sites such as Yahoo.com, Google, military.com; Real Simple magazine, local papers, magazines etc. Flyers are another good option because they are free. Have business cards made and attach them to a flyer and hand them out to your neighbors (farm your zip code. But nothing beats referrals. When you take someone a cake tell them you love referrals.

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