What Does A Mango Look Like?


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A mango is quite a common fruit which is often grown in countries with good climates and relatively high temperatures.
Sometimes when shopping for fruit or vegetables you have never tried before, it can be difficult to pick out a mango. So what does the fruit look like and how would you be able to distinguish it from other fruits?

  • The mango is often described as being a 'fleshy' fruit as it is covered in a lovely waxy skin.
  • Those growing mangoes may cultivate varying colors as you can get different colors and varieties of mango. Some of the most popular colors include yellow, green, red or orange.
  • When looking at a mango, you are often able to see the pit growing from the surface of the fruit. This does not come away easily from the rest of the fruit. It is often a flat, oblong shape that can be quite hairy looking.
  • When ripe, the fruit often gives off a distinctive sweet smell. It will also be soft to the touch when squeezing it.
  • The fruit contains a stone inside just like other fruits such as peaches.
  • The sizes of mangoes can also vary depending on where they were grown for instance. Most are usually bigger than a grapefruit and are usually more of an egg shape than a circle shape.
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Mangos are fruit found in tropical countries. They can come in colors yellow, green, and or red.
If I were to describe mangos in a 5 lined poem it would go like this:
Line 1:  Mangos
Line 2: Tropical Fruit   
Line 3: Red Yellow Green
Line 4: Soft Delicious Juicy Sweet
Line 5: Desire
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It's oval, like the shape of a papaya and the mango is yellow
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They are yellow and oval in shape
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A mango is a fruit with a big seed inside, it tastes like a citrus fruit, there is  a lot of flesh on it and it is soft, juicy and very sweet.

Boy do I feel like eating one right know. They are soooooo delicious.
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A mango is a fruit that has all sizes.It is grown basically in the caribbean and other tropical countries.Its is red or yellow in colour.It has a fleshy inside.and is very sweet and smooth on the outside.
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A mango looks a little bit oval, it could be many colors like yellowish orange, green, yellow and etc. You could make it in many diffrent things
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Like the guest before me said, they can me different colors; yellowish or some red and green, some orange. Depends how un-ripe and ripe it is.and I must add in that they are delicious!!!very hard to cut up considering their very slippery, but soo good.:P:)

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