Should Schools Sell Junk Food?


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Defo. It tastes good but they should sell some healthy stuff 2
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In school should sell junk food or drink, it is easy for students because they need fast food and burn it when they study or do sth. It is probably
OK to eat junk food sometimes! But all students should look for foods that are low in
fats and salt and sugar. Choose grilled fish and chicken rather
than fried, fish burgers instead of beef, grilled lean beef burgers,
and vegetarian pizza and pizza with seafood instead of fatty meat
type pizza.
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They can sell healthy food alternates
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Probably but it will never happen. It's called capitalism and the schools are making a buck off those vending machines to use for some faculty purpose.
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No because some junk food is good for kids and you got to let kids live there life and eat junk food but not all the time I'm saying its okay but put it to a limit
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I think we should because junk food may tast good but I just got a HUGE bell from half of a 20 pound cockolate cake
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Junk foods should be ban because it's not good for health. For modern-day parents teaching and role-modeling
healthy eating habits to their teens,  is becoming increasingly
difficult, a precarious balance-act, always on the look-out for the
quick-and –best way, more information/hints to help ensure  teens
get a nutritious meal amidst and despite busy lives, packed calendar
and fast-paced schedules – eat well, enough, not too much of the right
and healthy foods. Recent research shows that nourishing food not only
makes a child healthier, it makes him emotionally more stable, and it
improves school performance. It is worth the extra effort to spend some
time discussing nutrition, meal and food choices, snacking
habits,  healthy eating and an active lifestyle with your teens.

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