What Do You Guys Think Is The Best Fruit In The World?


7 Answers

james caison Profile
james caison answered
Gotta be an apple or a peach, most all songs that reference fruit are about those two. If you don't
want my peaches don't shake my tree !
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
The plum/pear
Nathan Corrie Profile
Nathan Corrie answered
Got to be pineapple for me - so versatile !
Sapphire Sopra Profile
Sapphire Sopra answered
Well I think oranges could also be one of the best fruits in the world because of the vitamin c it contains. (Vitamin C helps us get better when we're sick) :D
Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
It depends on what I am craving at the time. I am not fond of apples, so it is really rare when I have one, it will be in a pie, or just a golden apple. I love watermelon, but up here they can get very expensive.

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