What Are The Advantages Of Junk Food?


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Whilst there are many disadvantages of junk food, we can't forget that there are some advantages to junk food.

  • Advantages of junk food are:
It often tastes good (think chocolate, sweets, burgers etc)

It is often quicker to eat or prepare than healthy food (especially take away and drive thrus)

We all need a bit of every type of food in our life so to some extent a bit of junk food is good for us.

It is readily available.

  • The disadvantages of junk food are:
It is full of additives, sugar and bad fats.

It can cause weight gain quite easily.

It is bad for you in large portions.

You would never be able to get all the nutrition you need by just eating junk food.

Having too much sugar, whether in drinks or food, can lead to your teeth rotting and falling out.

Too much junk food can lead to heart attacks and all sorts of other problems.

It can be quite expensive.

So, as you can see the advantages of junk food is completely overwhelmed by the disadvantages but there are some good things about junk food as mentioned above.
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It's cheap, and easy and fast to eat and children will love to eat it, and will NOT let it go to waste, not eating their snacks.
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The only one advantage I can think is that most are loaded with preservatives. They can be stored for an incredibly long time. We buy a few just before hurricanes. Emergency only though.
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It is always available in any place
and children love to eat it....
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Yes you are right eating junk food just increase your calories and hence you become fat. Junk food is not a healthy diet although it is tasty but has no nutritional value. So try to have healthy diet like if you feel hungry eat fruit, vegetable or have a glass of milk.
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it tastes good and it adds extra to your figure :))

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The thing with junk food is that it is there to be enjoyed once in a while not every day a treat sometimes will have no effect but eaten daily it can make you feel bloated, sluggish and your complexion will be worse
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It is very delicious.It is readily available in market.It gives high energy to us for some time.
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Advantages of junk food

Well, the obvious advantages of fast food are its speed and its cost. If you've had a hard day at work, and worked late, the last thing you might feel like doing is throwing together a meal from scratch, no matter how the TV chefs wax lyrical about the advantages of fresh ingredients. So it can feel like a Godsend to be able to throw a ready meal in the oven, dial a pizza or pick up a chicken bucket on your way home. No, it's not ideal but it meets a need!

The cost can also be one of the advantages. If you live alone, it's often cheaper to buy a meal for one at the supermarket, where they are often on special offer, or order a takeaway. Burgers and fries from a fast food restaurant are notoriously cheap. If you have a family, of course, existing on fast food could prove to be one of the disadvantages, as it would be rather more expensive to feed a whole family.

Some fast food isn't bad for your health at all either. Frozen meals can come additive-free and be available as healthier options. There are more and more healthy options available on fast food menus for health conscious consumers to choose from. Even a takeaway can have healthy menu options – if you know how to work the menu and go for steamed rice instead of fried, plenty of vegetables, pizza with less fatty meat and cheese etc.
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Thank you for asking

If you limit yourself like 2 or 3 times a month you should be in good shape

But remember to also eat healthy and exsersize as well

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There are many advantages of junk food that are out in the world but I only know a few like: There is a variety of junk foods, it is good for people with low blood sugar, it tastes very good (if you know what I mean), and it is good for gaining weight. Thank you for reading!


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There are oils, dyes, and calories among other things that are added to junk food, which is a wide area that we are talking about here. From a little old piece of candy, all the way up to pizza, and prepared meals.
There are preservatives in junk food, that seem to give them a longer than normal shelf life. Empty calories, add the pounds faster than you can say, "fat".
The best thing to eat, as I'm sure you know is fruits, vegetables, and fish or poultry. Beef and pork are good for you too, but you should cut off most of the fat before you cook it, and if you can grill, broil or bake, it will be better for you, as the fat comes away from the meat. Hope this helps, good luck my friend.

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