What Are The Good And Bad Effects Of Eating Junk Foods?


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All junk foods are bad depending on the consumption of it and the type of fats that is in it.Junk food is bad for a person specially if it is being consumed everyday and the amount that is being consumed as well. Some side effects will be lethargy, obesity, health conditions such as illnesses or diseases. Did you know that foods that contain too much sugar and the wrong kinds of fats can cause your blood vessels to thicken and narrow. That can limit the amount of blood reaching your brain, reducing its ability to work properly. Well anyway it really isn't good for anyone and people should do their best to not eat it.
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There aren't really any good effects of eating junk food while the bad effects are many, such as hurting your dental health, costing much money for the amount of actual nutrition received from them, and making weight problems run rampant with school students and adults, too.

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