What Is Healthy Snack For A 5 Year Old?


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Wow,did you talk to the teacher?She is very much out of line speaking to your daughter instead of directing her comments on nutrition to you.
I would let her know that the last time we checked parents parent and teachers teach!You are doing pretty good ,as far as nutrition most kids in my sons class get only empty calories and loads of sugar from cookies and chips and that is a real junk food ! As far as I am concerned your daughters teacher should stick to teaching what is on her curriculum and if she has a real concern about what kids eat during class, she should discuss it with parents not kids.In my sons kindergarten class the teacher asked not to send snacks at all, we signed up to buy a 2-3 months supply of what she suggested and she kept it in the class room.This included granola bars, popped popcorn,mini raisins,pretzels,and some rice krispies.I loved it and kids too!
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I agree with you 100 % my youngest sons teacher did the same thing until i went in and put her in her place....funny thing is she has no kids of her own go figure!
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Go with simple foods. Try using more fruits and vegetables in snacks, and encourage your child by finding more ways of eating healthy.
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I think that is a great idea. I have a meeting with her next thus, and will bring up we chip in and buy snacks for the whole month. In a way I find this funny. My family belongs to a health club and we all go every day. I have my daughter in swimming class, Tap and ballet classes. I'm also going to put her in piano lessons. So I do think I watch out for her. Thank you for the answer.
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I think even if your daughter's teacher's concerns are genuine, she is perhaps overstepping her bounds. I would suggest you have a frank discussion with your child's teacher to hear her concerns and express your viewpoint. Be firm with your boundaries, while considering that your daughter's teacher is most likely coming from a place of best of intent (though naive as to the other issues she may be creating). I think it will be easily resolved by your dialogue, and wish you the best.
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I would be very upset with the teacher if that was my child. I might understand where she is coming from if you sent her in with a snickers bar everyday, but jello and pretzels are not junk food. I would arrange a parent teacher conferance with her to discuss this matter. Now she has your daughter thinking that you aren't feeding her properly, and that is not good. Even though I don't agree, if she is going to take it away, she better replace it with what she considers to be a healthy snack. Its not healthy to give her nothing!
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Try carrot sticks and raisings, very healthy and my kids just love them!

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