How Is Semolina Made?


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Semolina is usually made by coarsely grounding grain, usually wheat. Semolina could be used for two different products: durum semolina which used for gnocchi or pasta and semolina for porridge. For porridge, soft common wheat is used whereas durum or hard wheat is used for preparing durum semolina. Pudding is prepared by either baking or boiling the grain with sweeteners and milk. It is usually flavoured with vanilla and served with jam. It can be eaten cold or hot. In India it is known as 'sooji' or 'rava'. Spaghetti made with semolina is called 'pici' in Italy. Staple couscous is made from semolina in most parts of North Africa as well as the Middle East. A tasty crust can be produced by adding a small proportion of semolina to the mix of flour in bread making.

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