What Is Parfait?


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Parfait is a delicious dessert made by adding layers of whipped cream, ice-cream and syrup. The parfait can also be a dessert made of cream, sugar, eggs and flavourings, frozen and served in a tall glass. The word "parfait" is actually a French word, meaning "perfect."

The French parfait usually implies frozen custard that is replete with whipped cream, egg yolk, sugar and flavouring such as fruit puree. The American parfait is served chilled with ice-cream, an assortment of syrups, topped with whip cream and maraschino cherry. Both the French and American versions of "parfait" come in tall, narrow glasses. In Japan, a parfait means an ice-cream sundae. The word "parfait" entered popular English literature around the year 1880.
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A mixture of chicken livers, chopped shallots, brandy, maderia, port, thyme, eggs, butter, salt and pepper cooked in ramekins.
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It's another name for a very fine, smooth paté.
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It's not Chicken Liver Parfait, it's PATE.  Its cooked mashed and spiced chicken livers, It almost like liverwurst, you can spread it on crackers. It's really good.

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