How Can You Make Prunella Vulgaris Tea?


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Prunella vulgaris is the scientific name for the plant we call Self-heal. it is a herb that is considered to have a wide range of medicinal properties. It grows commonly in Europe, Asia, US, and Japan, to mention some of the places. The herb has been used as a source of alternative medicine for a very long time now. You can have this plant as a soup, a stew, as a boiled herb, or as a tea.

The different types of preparations that you can make out of prunella vulgaris depends on your preference. One good way of having this herb is as a tea or an infusion.

The procedure to make the prunella vulgaris tea is simple, just like making any other tea preparation. Add about 1 oz. of the prunella vulgaris herb (it should be fresh) to one pint of boiling water. Then you can add some honey to it for the sweetening and refreshing flavour. After that, steep it till it is cool, and then have it in the dosage prescribed.

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