How Do You Like Your Tea?


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Ree Ree answered
I like the English version.....With cream and a little equal sugar
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Karen King
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I like mine the same way, with a little milk and sugar, and that is only when I drink it hot. I do however drink my tea plain most of the time. One of the companies I like to get tea from, is the Republic of Tea. This company as many kinds of teas, and some very rare teas, they have everything you need, to make the best pot of tea possible, from pot's and cup's to books and utensils. If you enjoy tea you can find The Republic of Tea online. Good Stuff!
John Profile
John answered
Tea? Ew! Neither way I don't drink tea...:)
Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
I like mine hot or iced, with lemon and sugar, lots of both, and I use lipton. But, I have to watch how much I drink, as I do get the weirdest dreams from it. Lol
Laura Smith Profile
Laura Smith answered
Southern sweet ice tea is just delightful. I never need to add anything, other than a lemon wedge ! Could drink gallons of that, but I don't !
Sapphire Hapeta Profile
Sapphire Hapeta answered
I like my tea iced or hot.
Depends on the weather of the day.
If it is a nice beautiful day I would prefer a iced one.
Whereas a cold day I would prefer a hot tea.
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Anonymous answered
I like iced tea and really sweet.
Moe Pence Profile
Moe Pence answered
I love Arizona sweetened tea, but in the summer I'll make jugs of sun tea from black pekoe, and then squeeze fresh oranges in it like my mom used to do.  A little sugar to sweeten it up, and some ice cubes, and it's so refreshing!
Ann Vossler Profile
Ann Vossler answered
I prefer sun-brewed tea but lately my hubby has been getting some green tea that I really enjoy. It's got ginger and something else in it.
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Tina answered
I like my tea in someone else's glass!!! Now the family, they are partial to the tea we get from Gevalia coffee... Brewed, then poor over ice, with honey and lemon :)
Kurt Profile
Kurt answered
Strong with a bit milk and sugar.

Did someone say he likes strong woman BTW.... -.0 Im English, and I don't

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