How do you like your eggs done?


7 Answers

Aldrich Ames Profile
Aldrich Ames answered

Half fried eggs with pepper and salt. Usually how I make them. I like them better too.

Ancient One Profile
Ancient One answered

Practically any which way.

Mountain  Man Profile
Mountain Man answered

Just about any way. My favorite is deviled eggs.

Darik Majoren Profile
Darik Majoren answered

Depends on the mood, the accompaniment of Breakfast meats and sides.

With Corned beef Hash and wheat toast = Over easy

With a Ham steak, baked beans and wheat toast (or French Toast) = Scrambled

With Spinach, bacon, tomato and smoked gruyere cheese on English muffin OR Hot Salsa, Avocado, and smoked cheddar cheese on English muffin = Poached

To accompany fruit on yogurt with granola = Hard boiled

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