How Do You Like Your Eggs In The Morning?


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Steven Vakula answered
Poached! The pain is in making the eggs in the morning!
Moe Pence Profile
Moe Pence answered
I like 2 fried eggs in bacon fat, easy over, with a side of bacon and buttered toast. (I don't eat this often, but it's my favorite of all breakfast dishes).
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Moe Pence
Moe Pence commented
"pain" as in French bread???
Gar ry
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No. Pain as in the sensation you experience on sudden exposure to a blunt object in the vicinity of your brain. OWWWWWWWWNNNNEEEDDD
Rena Chisholm Profile
Rena Chisholm answered
I like my eggs most anyway in the morning as long as someone else does the cooking.
  That eleviates the side order.
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Fried in the same pan I just fried my rashers and then sandwiched between to thick slices of white bread toasted, with lettuce and salt and pepper.

And the yolk must be nice and runny.


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