How Do I Not Smell Like Alcohol In The Morning?


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Rusty answered
If you have quit drinking, than it will go away with time.

If you have not quit drinking, than it will pervade no matter what you do.


If you are trying to quit, God bless you and good luck.
If you are not trying to quit, God bless you and I hope you have a good life even so.
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Pee as much as you can before bed, spray entire body with deodorant spray and if you can take a shower in the morning
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Stop drinking alcohol for 2 days,supplement it with green tea and water.This will give your liver a much needed break and your complexion will also improve.If problem still persists,don't worry your brain will acquire the smell as your own and you will not care what others think.
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By sobering up, drinking a lot of water, and waiting for your metabolism to do its job.

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