How Alcohol Dehydrates Our Body? Why?


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Yes, it depletes the available water in the body - that's what gives you a hangover.
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Yes it does, it causes the kidneys to work overtime and take an excessive amount of water out of the body.
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Yes, and it causes many other health issues that accompany it. Alcohol kills in many, many different ways. It does damage to the liver, to the point of irreversible liver conditions, heart disease, stroke and cancer, stomach problems, and nutritional deficiencies. Neurological problems, such as confusion, numbness, and trouble remembering, birth defects, and even erectile dysfunction. There are effects on the family, with friends and even work and other social events. If you like to learn more, go to Good luck with this.
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Basically, alcohol is a diuretic, which means it causes you to pass a lot more water than you normally would. This in turn leads to loss of fluid from the body. has a very clear explanation of the whole process.
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"Because it isn't healthy for us it causes mental problems to"

You must have been a fetal alcohol syndrome baby, eh?
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Alcohol also has the property of being hygroscopic, which essentially means it absorbs any moisture it can find. For some reason, it is particularly 'attracted' to water.

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