Does Alcohol Warm The Body?


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Yes. In a sense, alcohol does warm the body. Alcohol dilates the blood vessels at the body's surface. (The stereotypical red "drinker's nose" is a result of the dilation of the blood vessels.) This creates a subjective feeling of heat. Warmed alcohol, such as mulled wine or sake, is particularly rapidly absorbed by the body and its effects are correspondingly stronger. However, a body with good circulation gives off more heat and cools more quickly; also, sensitivity to cold is greatly reduced. This is why a drunken person can easily freeze to death outside during the cold winter months.

In conclusion, alcohol is very capable of warming the body because it dilated the blood vessels at the skins surface. The dilated blood vessels allow a more rapid blood flow, which in turn, can cause the body to warm up considerably. Warm alcohol, such as sake, intensifies this warming effect immensely.
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Alcohol freeze your body.
It drains warm blood to body's surface then that blood returns cold.
It is just a feeling of warm, because temperature sensors - nerves are at skin level.
In fact it freezes your body.

-sorry for my poor english

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