What Are The Different Types Of Cabbage?


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The cabbage is a plant which comes under the family Brassicaceae. It is   herbaceous in nature and is grown twice in a year.   Cabbages have often been used in making medicines to cure acute inflammation.

There are three main types of cabbage, namely the following:

Drumhead cabbage

This type of cabbage consists of a round head having white veined leaves packed together in a compact manner. They are available in two colours, green and red.

Chinese cabbage

This type of cabbage is slightly elongated, with broad pale green leaves which are not that compact. They are grown on a large scale in Australia.

Savoy cabbage

They have wrinkly leaves with leaf margins, and they come in varied shapes. The colour also varies from light green to bluish green with a reddish tint.
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As I know, there are five types of cabbage. You look at the picture below.

Specifically, they are:

- Red cabbage: This type adds a burst of color to any salad or stir-fry. 

- Savoy cabbage: Tender and sweet.

- Green cabbage: The heart of any good coleslaw is shredded green cabbage, which, in the supermarket, looks similar to a head of iceberg lettuce - green, round and typically a little smaller than a volleyball. Green is the most common type of cabbage and is popular for its crunchiness and mild flavor.

- Bok choy: Chinese chard cabbage and Chinese mustard cabbage is a vegetable that resembles celery although it is actually a member of the cabbage family.

- Napa cabbage: Napa is also known as Chinese cabbage. It has long, oblong-shaped leaves that are flat and wide.

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