What Is Kedgeree?


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Kedgeree was originally known as 'Kicharhi' in India. With India part of the British Empire, it was introduced in England in the late 18th, early 19th Century as a 'breakfast dish', usually for the upper classes. Ths kedgeree dish varies substantially from its Indian origins, but was considered exotic in its day.
It consists of rice, usually smoked haddock (although sometimes other smoked fish is used), hard boiled eggs and a little curry powder.
The eggs are usually chopped up and the haddock and curry powder combine to give kedgeree a unique 'yellow' colour.
In the UK it enjoyed a brief revival in the 1970's as more people began to experiment with different types of food and it became more popular, particularly as a supper dish or for lunch.
However it gradually became usurped by the Italian rice dish, risotto during the 1980's and 90's as well as a desire for more traditionally spicy Indian foods.

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