What Is The Origin Of The Term Kedgeree?


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A kedgeree is a rice based dish and its name comes from Hindi. Khicari is a Hindi word derived from the Sanskrit word khiccā. There is still a Khicari festival upon which the deity is offered a mix of rice and lentils. Over time both the dish and the name evolved into the kedgeree we cook today. Terms recorded to refer to this dish, or something very similar to it, include kitchiri, kitchari and kadgeri. Nowadays a so-called traditional kedgeree contains rice, peas, flaked fish, hard boiled eggs and sometimes, but not always, a curried sauce. Nowadays rather than swamp the dish in a curried béchamel source cooks will add lighter flavours such a coriander and a dash of curry spices. The fish can be smoked haddock but is now often salmon. It is said that the British in India introduced fish to a traditional dish of onions, lentils, eggs and rice to produce the anglo-indian kedgeree that was such a fashionable dish for grand Victorian breakfasts.

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