How Many Calories Are There In Certain Chinese Food?


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Different Chinese foods have different calorie level in them and the calorie depends upon which food you are talking about. There are some other aspects also that guide the calorie level in a Chinese food and even in China people of different regions have their own way to make their cuisine. As they use the ingredients in different manners in their cuisine the calorie level is certainly go up and down in accordance with the level of different kind of ingredients.

The high calorie level is not always considered as bad when we take the example of Hakka people of China they are considered as the hard working people and if somebody is working very hard he certainly requires more calories than a normal person. So when you are using a cuisine that originally belong to the Hakka people you can say that it is of higher calorie that the normal one.
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If you are talking about eating at an Asian restaurant, then you can almost always rely on the fact that it will be high in calories. Depending on what you add to the dish when it's cooked.

An average dish that you order, normally contains 2x the amount of salt that your body needs for just 1 day.

I know this because my husband suffered a heart attack, and this is in the dietary book that they give you after surviving an attack.

Most of what goes into the recipe is good for you, but when you add the soy, or the oils, and some of the spices,(msg) that is when the damage is done.

Rice is very high in protein, great for energy, and is a quick source of energy, that's one of the reasons you might get hungry so quickly after eating this type of food.

Pasta is a heavier food, and sits a little longer, but the body quickly uses it up. If you keep the bad additives out of the food, then it's good for you.

If you cook it at home it would be better for you, and it would be cheaper for you too. The meat is healthier because the preservatives aren't in it. Often, when it's frozen, there are some preservatives added to add some flavor to it, and to help keep the shelf life longer.
The calories, remember, come from the oils, and salted flavorings, it also depends on what you order, or cook yourself. Hope this helps.
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