What Kind Of Chinese Food Do You Like Best?


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ZZ answered
Sesame chicken is so good! That is TOTALLY my favorite!
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carrie answered
Spicy orange chicken. And pot stickers. And lemon chicken. I like Schezuwan better than Hunan.
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John answered
I don't know the only kind I have ever had is egg rolls but not really chinese egg rolls if you know what I mean and general tsoas cashew chicken a couple times..... But this was restaurant food and not hand made /by a actual chinese person so I guess it would be the american version of it...so I can't say which type I like best.....but technically isn't spaghetti/noodles a chinese invention so I could say I like spaghetti the best next to general tsoas cashew chicken...
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Moe Pence answered
There is a menu item called Seafood Wor Bar, and it is fantastic -- they used to cook it up in a Wok right next to your table.  Just shellfish (shrimp, scallops, lobster) with vegetables, and then a light lobster sauce mixed in.  I like that with fried rice,  a shrimp egg roll and crab rangoon (and almond cookies for dessert!)
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I thought Chinese was Chinese, lol. I love shrimp with lobster sauce. Mmmmmmmm
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General tso chicken, chicken on a stick, and the Chinese restaurants here have sushi too. 
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Lea Andersen answered

Since dim sum means "To touch your heart", well for me, dim sum really touched my heart. This is the best Chinese food I've ever loved. I am a hongkers and there are lots of dimsum restaurant in hong kong, so choose the best.

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