What Kind Of Pringles Do You Like?


14 Answers

John Profile
John answered
Probably all of them  as long as there is some pop to go with them. And maybe a can of cheese whiz or some french onion dip.
Susan Bohl Profile
Susan Bohl answered
My favorites are barbeque and sour cream and onion.  I like the plain ones, too.  I usually it the lowfat ones.
Tina Profile
Tina answered
Is it ONLY my who cannot eat pringles? I love them but they upset my tummy very bad...any clue why that would be?
Debbie Simerly Profile
Debbie Simerly answered
Jalapeno.....they are just hot enough to have a great taste!
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I love the loaded baked potato pringles.. Yummy.. Especially when you dip it in sour cream..

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