What Kind Of Cake Do You Like? And Cookies


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"Death By Chocolate" Is The Most Decadent Intoxicating Dessert I Have Ever Had The Pleasure Of Sampling.. It Has Dark Chocolate Chips.. Chocolate Cream.  Heath Bars. Chocolate Syrup.. And Whip Cream.. . Cookies? I Have To Say  Keebler's Fudge Graham Cookies..NAUGHTY For Me! I Try To Avoid The Cake And The Cookies..  Molten Lava  Cakes Have A Cake/ Ice cream Syrup  Deal...
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Jewelly A. Shetka
Here, 'Death By Chocolate' cake has seven different
versions of chocolate. First time I ordered it, using
that term, I was every firmly told that it was a
'chocolate tort' . I still think of it as 'Death By Chocolate'.
Man, what better way to go?
(Had one on my birthday).
Cookies? Believe it or not, my favorite is the
waffers you get at Walmart. Next are chocolate-
chip cookies right out of the oven (raw dough
is yummy,too).
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Mmm, I'm not really a big fan of cake. But there is only one cake that I absolutely would die for! Chocolate Fudge Bundt Cake! IT'S THE BOMB! LOL And it's only available at my local grocery store! Mmm...but I'm not allowed to have it anymore, because my parents think that I'm a chocolate addict! Pfft...I AM NOT! LOL And my favorite cookies are homemade chocolate chip cookies!
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I like cheese cake very much.
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I really like ice cream cake i never get sick of it
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I like cream and chocolate cake.
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Oh i love strawberry swirl cheesecake, chewy oatmeal cookies, and boston cream pie,
and double chocolate filled cake.
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I am a sweet eater...but, I love coconut cake and peanut butter cookies especially the cookies from Subway!!
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My favorite cake is Marble Cake, the one with Vanilla and Chocolate. And my favorite cookies are either peanut butter or macadamia
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G'day Emily,

Thank you for your question.

I will eat most types of cake or biscuits (cookies). My particular favourites are chocolate cake or fruit cake and chocolate chip or cream biscuits (cookies).

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My favorite cake is pound cake with strawberries and Ice cream on it.
My favorite cookie is chocolate chip.
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I love almost any cookies & i rate strawberry cheesecake as my top choice. Thanks a lot, now i'm hungry Lol!

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