Do You Like Cake And What Is Your Favorite Kind?


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I like pie better personally, blueberry and pecan are the best pies.

As far as cakes go I really like confetti cake. As long as it has good ice cream with it and a little icing.

Today's my birthday actually... I wonder if I'll get a cake...
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I love carrot cake.
Or a Victoria Sponge cake with raspberry jam and a really thick layer of cream :)
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I love German sweet chocolate cake with a scoup of french vanilla ice cream.
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I love cake !!  Chocolate, red velvet, ice cream with the crunchies, spiced carrot cake, angel food cake with fruit, pine-apple upside down, cheese cake { but it's gotta be plain, i'm a purist when it comes to my cheese cake} lemon poppyseed cake. Oops you ask for our favorite kind of cake, guess i"ll have to answer that with " every kind of cake is my favorite."
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Anything chocolate. But right now, I wouldn't mind a moist carrot cake with creamcheese/lemon icing.
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Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting...that stuff rocks!
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It depends on my mood at the time. I just don't like shredded coconut on it ;)
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Brian Reed
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I agree w/coconut I detest it. I think it ruins any cake or donut.
mike carlsen
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Coconut on doughnuts is even worse! ;) lol!
But i do love potato flour doughnuts. There was a place where i lived in ocean springs, ms called "ta-to-nut" that had the best donuts i've ever had. If i ever make it down there again i plan on seeing if they're still around ;)
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Love it--chocolate or anything that vaguely resembles or reeks of it.  :) My favorites are German chocolate (can't decide if I like the frosting or the cake more)-- and oatmeal chocolate chip cake--has no frosting so I'm pretty clear on that one...

Fun question!
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Thanks, shortstax. Oh it is-- if anyone wants the recipe, leave me a shout or comment here. I am glad to share the joy of it! Or we can share it in a group. I think dk has a cooking and/or baking group. Delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pamela Krueger
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Thanks DK. And this is a great one to take to church or other bake sales. It is made fast and is one of the first to go. You can add 1/4 cup cocoa to make it deep chocolate, or leave it out if you want a little less chocolate taste (you still have the chocolate pieces embedded in the cake). My sister in law gave me this one almost 30 years ago--thanks Pamela!
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I like the 'The coffee beans chocolate chip'. When I eat it I feel as if I'm in heaven lol! I mean really no one can do a cake better than that one! I guess.. :P
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I see that Annieb also likes my favorite cake..Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting.  In fact, here's a picture...YUM
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Seems to me there is a recipe lurking about... Is it in the baking group? Or what is the name of the group with this recipe? You cannot deprive the world indefinitely.

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