What Is Your Favorite Dessert ?


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Suhail Ajmal Profile
Suhail Ajmal answered
I like Trifle. It is my favourite. Though we don't make it much at our home but we make it on special occasions. Everyone in my family love it.
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There is a beautiful picture of Red Velvet Cake on desertkid's Baking group.

I guess my favorite would be chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.
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Janey Tharby
Janey Tharby commented
How do I find the picture of the Red Velvet Cake? As I am intrigued as to what this dessert consists of.....?
melissa childers Profile
My favorite dessert is Dirt Cake..sounds bad, I know, but it's sooo good!
grace couch Profile
grace couch answered
Well I have to tell you my husband my favorite dessert is Carrot cake with Cream Cheese Icing.
leon richards Profile
leon richards answered
Cheescake is good! My mom made what she called sun rise chees cake it had cherries&pineapple in it.
DeMarlon Pollard Profile
You must be from down south somewhere? I'm from Alabama originally, now living in San Diego Ca, but Red Velvet Cake is my favorite and has been since I was small
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Anonymous commented
You do know that Red Velvet Cake has a whole bottle of red #2 food dye in it. As yummy as it is, and it is ymmy and also one of my favorites, I try to limit how much I ingest.
Ron Flackus Profile
Ron Flackus answered
I used to be a pastry chef, and the most popular dessert I made was Chocolate Rum Cream Cake. Tastes just like it sounds--only better. Hmmmmm! Think I'll make one right now!
Brandi lol Profile
Brandi lol answered
My favorite desert is just straight up chocolate covered strawberries, cherries are good too but strawberries are the absolute best. Yummy!
Diane Bart Profile
Diane Bart answered
Have to say Pecan pie or a southern boubon pecan . Yum  !
And yes everyone , Red velvet cake IS absolutely to die for ....
Made it from scratch ONE time , my kitchen looked like a bomb went off .  And red food colouring everywhere , my husband thought I injured myself .
Pamela Krueger Profile
Pamela Krueger answered
Thanks nanny for mentioning the red velvet cake from my cooking/baking group. Red Velvet Cake is one of my all time favorites as well as lemon pie.
Lena JH Profile
Lena JH answered
Ice cream of sum sort: Chocolate ice cream w/ jimmies, a chocolate milkshake w/ a pinch of vanilla ice cream n whipped cream on top, vanilla ice cream w/ strawberries, chocolate cake n vanilla ice cream, vanilla ice cream w/ chocolate syrup...o my list cud go on : )
Kim Profile
Kim answered
Either a good tiramisu ... Or I'm working my way through the Coldstone Creamery menu!
Janice Watts Profile
Janice Watts answered
My favorite desert would have to be Monkey balls...I know it sounds bad but my daughter made it for me and it is absolutely delicious.. Simply dough and cinnamon
Winter Profile
Winter answered
My favorite dessert is apple pie and ice-cream yumm but I also like the cotton candy ice-cream from coldstone creamery
Amanda Arajs Profile
Amanda Arajs answered
Mine is a sort of pie that's simply a mixture of sliced fresh strawberries, meringue, and whip cream. Marvelous!
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Anonymous answered
You may think I'm weird, but I love frozen chocolate chip waffles and twix and cookie dough ice cream.

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