If you like mountain pies, which is your favorite kind? If you've never had one, which kind do you think you would like? Description in answers.


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A mountain pie is like a grilled sandwich. Only done in a cast iron mold over hot coals. There are many different kinds from pizza, (my favorite), ham and cheese, reuben etc. You can even do dessert style with pie fillings or peanut butter and marshmallow. Lots of choices. 

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I LOVE them. My dad used to make them when we went camping. My all time favorite was scrambled eggs and bacon on a chilly morning, in front of a campfire.

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OH thank God!!!! I thought you were gonna tell me it was a dish made out of the male parts of a bull or pig! Pewww!

Now that I know......

I will take a pizza one. Hold the peperoni!

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LOL! You might have been thinking about Rocky Mountain Oysters Yin. I'm in the Appalachians. :)
Yin And Yang
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Yes I watch the show Chopped. I am always squeamish when they do the rocky mountain oyster stuff. LOL!
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I have never heard of these, but I will take the Reuben, or the ham and cheese. Or even Hippy's dad's breakfast one! 

Where do you get the molds? I think I may need to add this to my camper supplies!

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You can get them at most sporting good stores .They would be perfect for the RV. It's best to use a non stick cooking spray when using them.
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Well I LOVE Calzones, so I see these as part of the same "Food Family".

I'll take mine with Pepperoni, Mushrooms, peppers, onions, mozzarella and marinara sauce.

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