I'm Giving A Bridal Shower And Want To Include A Recipe Card For Them To Complete And Bring To The Shower. What Is The Correct Wording On The Invitation?


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If you are planning to include a recipe swap at your bridal shower, it is important to make your guests aware of the idea as soon as possible. Including the recipe card in the invitation is a great way to encourage your guests to take part and by wording your invite in the right way you are sure to get them involved. Your initiation should be friendly and informal. You do not want the recipe card idea to seem too forced and formal but it is also important to make sure that it is not so casual that people don't feel as if they really need to take part. Address your friends as you would speak to them and state in the invitation that you are going to have a recipe swap. Do not include any 'ifs', 'buts' or 'maybes' in the wording of it. Even for bridal showers people may look for a reason not to make the effort. Think about what your friend would have to say to you to convince you to take part. Give ideas for the types of recipes they could include, their mom's best pie recipe or their favourite guilty pleasure treat. Triggering an idea in your guests mind is more likely to make them take part.

An example of how your invitation could read is;
"Dear [Guest], I am having my bridal shower [include information about the date, time, venue and plans]. As a part of my celebration I am going to carry out a recipe swap. I have included a recipe card for you to fill out and bring along to my special day. It could be your mom's secret recipe, your favorite treat or something you picked up somewhere exotic. We'll have the chance to swap recipes and tips and I can build up a recipe book filled with favourite recipes from my favourite ladies to take with me into the start of my marriage."
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Enclosed for you is a recipe card.
To fill it in shouldn't be hard.
(Bride's name) might like to try your favorite cake,
or whatever it is you like to make.
So don't forget this card on this special date.
Fill it in now, don't hesitate.
At the shower will be a recipe box to fill.
So bring this recipe card, if you will.
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You can keep it really simple - just the usual invitation wording plus "Please be kind enough to share your favourite recipe by filling in this card" - something like that. Or if you want to be more formal, you can buy cards with the recipe cards attached - for example, hereis one with a little rhyme asking people to fill the card. You could buy or copy something like that.

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