What Is Your Favorite Kind Of Berry?


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I love the salmon berry, it is found up here, and is hard to find, but so worth it, it is sweeter than the raspberry, bigger and juicier.
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I have heard of them. I always loved the wild raspberries and blackberries that grew by my grandparent's house. You can't find wild berries anymore...
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I like the wild berries here that grow along the fence lines I think they are mulberries, and I love strawberries.
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Moe Pence answered
Strawberries in season are the best -- I eat them plain, cut up and sugared, and use them in fruit salads.  My husband likes angel food cake with sugared strawberries in juice over it.
If we're talking berry pies -- blueberries are my choice.
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Raspberries. Blackberries a close second. Hmmm, marionberries. Loganberries. Huckleberries...i love berries. Strawberries too but allergic to them.

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