What Is Your Favorite Kind Of Gum?


12 Answers

Charming Gurl Profile
Charming Gurl answered
I like EXTRA. The flavor is mint and I buy it sugar free ;)
Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
I like berry, orange, lemon lime, that's about it.
Samantha Profile
Samantha answered
FAVORITE! How could I ever choose? I love gum! I like kinds that have really good long lasting flavor! At least I narrowed it down, I love almost all gum, but I don't like extremely spicy gum though. 
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
My favorite is watermelon bubblelicious
martha Profile
martha answered
I chew Orbit to freshen my breath.  I like the citrus-y flavors and the sangria flavor- don't get excited there is no alcohol in it!
Chris ???? Profile
Chris ???? answered
Bubbleicious gum is always a treat. 5 gum is good also. Simple mint flavor will remain a favorite.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Airwaves mint one... It tastes different to the other mint ones for some reason!!

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