Where Can I Get Berry Berry Kix Cereals?


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I have been looking for them but then I found out two years ago, that they discontinued them. Well I was walmart today in Montgomery, Alabama and found them!!! I was excited that I found my favorite cereal!!!
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Berry Kix is a brand of berry flavored cereal produced by General Mills. It was introduced in the early 90's. It is usually very hard to find at local stores. Usually it is available at stores like Wal-Mart and Fred's. You might also be able to purchase it online at The item is currently unavailable so check it out some other time. The link is:
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Well you are not alone in the hunt for Berry Berry Kix Cereals. Apparently there are thousand others who miss this cereal along with you. Well your best breakfast is only a click away. is still offering this cereal. So hurry up before the cereal reaches its expiry date.

General Mills was the first to initiate puffed cereals. Kix made the break through with Berry Berry Cereal which took the market by storm. Now, due to the change in the packaging there is a difficulty in finding the Berry Berry cereals. But in time the new improved Berry Berry Kix Cereal will hit all the markets near your house.

There are many cereals offered by General mills like Coco puffs, Cheerio's, Blue Berry which are equally irresistible and a delight to your mouth. All these cereals are made of whole grains and reduce risks of heart burns, obesity and diabetes. So till you find your next box of Berry Berry Kix Cereals there are many substitutes that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth.
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The only place I knew of that had them was Amazon (the online store) but as to actual retailers, I'm not so sure that any of them actually stock it still? I could be wrong.

You best bet is to go here and contact them about it. After doing a quick search it doesn't come up as "discontinued" in their range of products so you could be in luck!
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They have it at every stop and shop I go to. I'm eating it right now.. :)
but I'm in CT
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I found some at Super Target May 09
You can also order some from
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Not sure where you're from but I know I've seen them at shoprite, stop n shop, pathmark, and kmart.
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I have only found them in the north. I know Iowa sells them for sure but you should check other bordering states and such places.
This cereal is absolutely the best and I am deprived of it in Texas! Other people have never even heard of them! AHHHHH!
But I am sad that they don't make them the way they used to :(
However, they are still delicious
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I found berry berry kix at target!!! It was the most amazing day of my life. I'm in love with them. Favorite cereal since I was little. :)

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