What Do You Call Juices, And Cereals Without Preservatives, Additives, And Food Colourings?


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Organic? that is what the organic movement is all about, making food healthier. It is generally found in a health shop but can also be found in the bigger supermarkets these days.
Organic (or bio in Europe) food is grown and produced under a set of guidelines that forbids the use of chemical fertilisers, pesticides and excessive intervention with antibiotics and hormones in the case of livestock destined to be meat.
It really is a movement about going back to older and more traditional farming methods, to ensure a greener earth and healthier food.
Although the addition of sugar is not forbidden, you will find that those who buy these products normally do not want preservatives, colouring, and sugar added to them.
So that is a second benefit, and so in consequence many people have come to eat organic, just to avoid all the additives and sugars in juices and cereals.
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I like V8 and I'm not a vegan. If you go from 1 can a day to 2, it isn't likely to do you any harm.
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