Where Did The Origin Of Breakfast Cereals Take Place?


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As is the general knowledge amongst many people, cereals were one of the earliest plants grown by man, which were inclusive of wheat, rice, rye, barley, oats, maize etc. However the idea of processed and packaged cereals is a development of the recent times.

The origin of cereals dates back to the last century. During that period, vegetarians and some other health fanatics strongly emphasized on the notion that by encumbering the carnivorous mode of eating and abstaining from meat, one could save his/her soul.

A religious sect, known as the Seventh Day Adventis, made Battle Creek, Michigan. This was accomplished in 1866 when the sect formed the Western Health Reform Institute at Battle Creek Sanatorium.

Later on John Harvey Kellogg took over the Sanatorium and 1876 and his support and promotion of cereals gave way to the development of a whole new food industry. Also C.W. Post was one of the cereal pioneers and his Postum Cereal Company later on was made into General Foods Corporation.

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