Why Do We Eat Eggs For Breakfast?


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Because roosters crow in the morning reminding us to get up and eat our eggs for breakfast.
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I think eggs are a good source of protien. I know at one time the medical community said that eggs were bad for you and now they say they are good for you. Sometimes my husband and I eat breakfast for dinner. Peace
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Thank You for asking! I have never been a big fan of the traditional food regime. People act like I have committed a crime, because I eat what I feel like having, whenever that may be. I like leftovers. From the evening meal, for breakfast. I may eat pancakes for supper. Who made-up all these silly food rules? Everybody just goes along with it, and it becomes mandatory. What nonsense!
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David C
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Mandatory? I've never really had any rules impressed on me for what I eat when. It's pretty fun eating whatever you want when you want it.
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While their is no recorded answer, my theory is as plausible as the big bang theory that scientist are pushing on the world.
I believe that at the time man began to eat eggs, there was no refrigeration to keep foods fresh for prolonged periods of time. Since they would find the eggs, freshly laid, each morning, they would eat them before they could go bad. Thus, Eggs for breakfast in the morning.
Didn't I tell you that my theory was as plausible as the big bang theory? I believe it is moreso.
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:P nice. Eggs don't actually need to be refrigerated to last. I haven't refrigerated them for a while.. the only plus to refrigerating them is that they last a little longer.
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  I've always noticed it's usually easy stuff to cook for breakfast, harder stuff for dinner and I don't know what for lunch.  I figured it's because everyone's like me.  I don't feel like doing anything in the morning.. Lunch is whatever is convenient cause I'm busier during the day and dinner is whatever you want since you have all the time you want to cook it really.
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Well as the first blurter who answered said on farms you have to wake up nice and early to get the eggs so morning, eggs! Also many breakfast meals are unhealthy with all the syrup and eggs give you some protien!
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Eggs represent an unborn potential in some ancient cultures, and eating an egg at the beginning of the day brought the life into the consumer... It goes back to some obscure religions but hey, even in voodoo chickens and roosters have power.

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