What Did Native Americans Eat For Breakfast?


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Foods like cornbread, turkey, cranberry, blueberry, hominy and mush are known to have been adopted into the cuisine of the United States from Native American groups.
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Nowadays the diet of Americans changed a lot. Especially the diet of native Americans. I bet many people nowadays cannot imagine a morning without omelettes. This dish is tasty and hearty. And if you have the Best Omelette Maker then it's gonna be even better.

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They ate chicken and each other lol jk.... They ate corn and some turkey.
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Pretty much whatever they could find that was edible. They didn't have a neighborhood Wal-Mart so they couldn't really afford to be all that picky.
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Bread and milk
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No... corn, squash, beans (we call them: 3 sisters), deer, buffalo, bison, rabbit, berries also... And we drank and still drink water... ;-)

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